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With over 10 years of professional experience, NOVA offers all-inclusive services of company incorporation in HK and offshore), including preparation of all statutory documents. NOVA supports and advises every single aspect as you plan, incorporate and manage your business. For off-shore (E.g. BVI, Samoa, Seychelles etc.) and China companies, we do provide services complying with the special requirements of the relevant law in those jurisdictions.

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Our team of specialists has extensive experience working with clients all over the globe, providing a range of corporate services and business solutions in countless different industries. We offer a Hong Kong company setup service at a low cost to help you get on your feet. In addition, we can assist you with offshore company setup by offering an in-depth knowledge of various international legal climates.

One stop Solutions

Just sign a few forms and provide your ID or passport no., all registration procedures will be handled by us in your easiest way.

Quick Process Time

NOVA experts are experienced and professional in handling the process-driving incorporation work, and thus provide you the shortest registration time. The fastest 2 days to complete of incorporation with all what you need.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

As your business partner, we extend on-going support on administrative and maintenance services to you after the incorporation, allowing you to leave all troublesome but necessary corporate work to us.

Professional Company Secretarial Service

NOVA will be your registered company secretary. We manage you company registration documents and resolutions so that you can focus on your business.

Incorporation Alternate

We provide incorporation services of newly or ready-made limited company (HK / BVI / Samoa / Seychelles / China.etc.), unlimited company and representative office, taking care of your specific corporate need.

Incorporation within HK

We offer different formation package available for your selection to suit your specific business needs, giving you the greatest convenience for your company setup in Hong Kong.

Newly Incorporated Company^


1 Excluding any Government Charge

Certificate of Business Registration
HK$ 250
Certificate of Incorporation
HK$ 1,720

2 First Year Company Secretarial and Designated Representative Services are Required
Please Refer to Company Secretarial Services Package Details

HK$ 3,000

Optional Services

1 Preparation of Required Registered Documents for New Corporate Bank Account Setup

Excluding any Bank Charge
(Non-refundable for any Unsuccessful Application)

HK$ 2,800

2 Certified True Copy of Statutory Documents

Per Set, Per Document

HK$    500

3 Preparation and Submission of Share Transfer Documents

Per Document
Excluding any Government Fee
(Refer to Company Secretarial Services)

HK$ 2,800

4 Premium Company Kit Set
*Processing Time Approx. 2 Working Days

Including Following Documents:
Memorandum & Association,
Share Certificates,Common Seal,
Company Chops, Statutory Book

HK$    800

5 Additional Company Chops
(1 x Round Chop + 1 x Signature Chop)

HK$    400

6 Additional Identity for Due Diligence Procedure

Per Director(s) and Shareholder(s) and Significant Controller(s)

HK$    500

^ Estimated 1-2 Working Days for Newly Incorporated Company
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Offshore Setup

Some countries and regions (such as BVI, Samoa and Cayman Island) have introduced a lenient tax regime to provide incentive for investors or business owners worldwide to establish their investment flagship or business (known as offshore companies). Those Offshore companies are not subject to any profit tax in general nor to any tax declaration, and the shareholders' information, shareholding percentage and revenue status are entitled to the highest level of confidentiality. Most of the international banks approve and provide bank account opening and subsequently financial services. Some overseas companies can also be listed in some other countries or regions.

Low cost company setup service for the purpose of

Tax planning
Holding company
International trading
Investment vehicle
Offshore listing

Offshore Incorporation Package^
  • 1 British Virgin Island (BVI) Limited Company *
  • 2 Samoa Limited Company
  • 3 Seychelles Limited Company *
  • 4 Cayman Islands Limited Company
    Standard Share Capital at US$50,000 at US$1 per share
  • HK$    9,800
  • HK$    8,300
  • HK$    8,300
  • HK$ 29,800
Package includes:
  • 1Certificate of Incorporation
  • 2Memorandum & Associations
  • 31st Directors Meeting Minutes
  • 4Approval as First Director(s)
  • 5Share Certificates
  • 6Share Transfer Documents (if any)
  • 7Common Seal & Company Chop
  • 8Statutory Book
  • 9Premium Folder Set
^ Approx. 10 Working Days for Newly Incorporated Company and 2 Working Days for Shelf Company.
* Filing Fee for British Virgin Islands or Seychelles Limited Company is NOT Included.
Download the Offshore Incorporation Package details  
China Company Incorporation

There are 2 common ways for enterprise to set up a company in China:

Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE)

A WOFE is a limited liability company registered with only foreign capital under the Chinese Commercial Ordinance. The investing party could be corporation, economic organisation or individual.

As stipulated in the law, each WOFE is restricted in a certain business scope (e.g. consulting, manufacturing, trading, etc.) according to its activity and nature. The WOFE have different requirement for different business scope

Estimated processing time: 45 days in average after receiving all required documents

Representative Office (RO)

A RO is a non-legal entity representing its parent company in China to liaise with business partners and customers. It is stipulated in the law that RO is restricted from any direct business activities, issuing invoices as an independent entity, or receive income from services performed.

However, RO can only function as a liaison body between its home company and related industries in China, conduct market research, promote products and perform preparatory activities for future business development, which can be considered as a first step to enter the China market.

Estimated processing time: 45 days in average after receiving all required documents