30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and the Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with our services for any reason, simply send us an email at feedback@nova.com.hk within 30 days of service stating your name, company name and your reason for a full refund of your services charges (less any government charges and relevant outgoings).

We will refund your initial subscription or renewal payment provided that you cancel your subscription within the 30-day period following the initial subscription date or the Renewal Date, where applicable. After the end of the applicable 30-day refund period, your 12-month subscription payment is non-refundable. Please allow 14 days for processing upon receipt of your refund request. Refunds will be issued within 4-8 weeks after approval of the request. You can contact our Customer Service Team at 852-3180-7888 for any detail for the refund application.

Policies are subject to change. NOVA Group Limited reserves the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion.

In case of any doubt or discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.