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NOVA offers a comprehensive array of business accounting and tax solutions that are customised, smart and one-stop, giving you peace of mind in your business pursuits.

Having served over 1,000 small and medium-sized companies and big firms locally and overseas to date, NOVA enjoys an industry-wide reputation as a trusted CPA firm in Hong Kong. We have the necessary experience and capacity to come up with the perfect solutions that are tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients in handling issues concerning overseas and Hong Kong tax, accounting treatment and audit requirements.

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Account, Audit & Tax

NOVA CPA Limited in Hong Kong is always professional, reliable and standing in the same position as yours to support you whenever you need. As a reliable accounting and audit firm in Hong Kong, we can provide professional advice on accounting treatment, audit approach and tax implications related to your business.

Service Alerts

Alerting our clients for accounting and tax return arrangement to avoid any late penalty imposed by Inland Revenue Department (IRD), and following up with IRD on the processing status, for example for the submission of profit tax return and employer’s return form.

Document Pick-up and Delivery

We can arrange courier for door-to-door pick-up and delivery for accounting documents and reports. You can just confirm and finalize everything by a call or email easily.

No Costly Surprises

Price is reasonable and clearly stated with no hidden charge to avoid unnecessary disputes, what you see is what you get and pay for.

Support for Business in China

NOVA has profound understanding of China's economy, legal system and taxation systems. We can provide efficient professional service, from company incorporation, taxation to personnel recruitment, and so on.

Comprehensive Business Support

We also provide complementary services including setting up of accounting system, MPF account, managing payroll system and corporate insurance matters.


NOVA provides you with trustable accounting services with reference to the cloud based accounting software platform that could help improving your business work efficiency and profitability through professional analysis and consultancy. Our experienced team of Hong Kong CPAs offers tailor-made accounting system implementation services or outsource bookkeeping services that suit different business' requirements.

As a Xero Certified Advisor and Intuit QuickBooks Online Expertise, we can assist you with all aspects of using the cloud base accounting software including the system implementation, data importing, reporting, budgeting, training, instant help desk, as well as handling all your business needs.

Xero is featured by Forbes as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 & 2015 by over 600 thousand subscribers. And Intuit QuickBooks Online is the #1 online accounting software used globally by over 1.3 million paying customers.

Moreover, the cloud based accounting software integrates with hundreds of add-on business applications so that you can easily sync and streamline your data with your system. From customer relationship management, inventory control, invoicing and eCommerce, there’s specialized software that’s right for your business.

We also undertake first-rate accounting and bookkeeping services. And we can provide all-rounded assistance for your business, covering:

Prepare management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis
Prepare company's reports, including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Aging Report, Trail Balance, General Ledger and Vouchers
Carry out reviews to ensure the appropriateness of accounting, payment and receipt transactions
Inventory and Payroll management and control
Assist in treasury management in accordance with pre-determined instructions and ensure proper financial controls are maintained. Especially useful to overseas companies that do not employ an internal accountant in Hong Kong
Audit and Assurance

Our experienced practicing Hong Kong CPAs are committed to assist our clients in satisfying the statutory requirements in accordance with relevant rules. Our aims are to help you efficiently deal with the challenges arousing from the evaluation of financial information and potential risks in operation for your shareholders and stakeholders and breeding success to your business. With accumulated knowledge and experience in different kind of industries, our professional pay attention on different target risk of each industry, and closely supervise other factors of the financial report, in order to avoid risk.

We proudly offer auditsand assurance for:

Statutory Audit
Due Diligence Audit
Internal Audit
Programme Audit
Special Purpose Audit
Audit Investment Immigration

1000+ businesses trust NOVA worldwide...

Our approach as an audit firmin Hong Kong can also be tailored to meet the different needs of any size organisation as evidenced by our work with thousands of small, middle to large-scale businesses in Hong Kong and in overseas markets.

HK Taxation Advisory

By our profession, we do offer practical and innovative tax advice for our client. We help simplify tax management and oversight while providing visibility for making informed strategic decisions — all with the ease of a single provider. Our experience and knowledge enables our HK taxation professionals to help our clients achieve their goal of accurate, cost-effective compliance that also provides global visibility to the right information for making strategic decisions. We help to deliver deep knowledge of HK taxation and statutory requirements as well as our experience applying them in practice in Hong Kong and China.

Our tax advisory services cover the following:

We prepare a document called “Profits Tax Computation” for submission to the Inland Revenue Department ("IRD") to commutate the accounting and tax difference with detail calculation and detail breakdown requested by IRD on behalf of taxpayer.

Once the one received the profit tax return but failed to files before the deadline or files with inaccurate figures stated in the return, without “reasonable excuses”, would commit an offence. The Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department has the power to levy an assessment of additional tax or prosecuting the taxpayer for such offence.

The IRD always requires tax returns to be completed and enquiries answered within a specific period of time, usually from 1 month to 3 months. Late filings may attract a heavy penalty, estimated assessment, or court summons. In some cases, this may also trigger a tax investigation from IRD. As a professional, we may help to apply for a further extension for your company.

If a taxpayer wishes to dispute the assessment (it can be a “normal assessment”, “estimated assessment” or “additional assessment” for profit tax, salaries tax, property tax, etc.), one must lodge a notice of objection in writing stating precisely the grounds of the objection within one month after the date of issue of the notice of assessment. Otherwise, the assessment will most likely become “final and conclusive”. And the taxpayer must have to pay the amount assessed even the assessment is believed inaccurate calculated. At this stage, we can work on behalf of our client to apply for objection with professional argument by sufficient supporting documents and calculations in together with the Form IR831 for objection.

Provisional tax is a tax which the IRD assess you or your company needs to pay in the following year of assessment. You can apply for an entire holdover, or a reduction of, the provisional tax under several circumstances (refer to Knowledge Base). The taxpayer’s application for holding over of provisional tax should be lodged not later than 28 days before the due date for payment of the provisional tax, or 14 days after the date of issue of the notice for payment of the provisional tax whichever is later. We can work on behalf of our client to apply for holding application in together with professional ground in together with sufficient supporting documents and calculations and the Form IR1121 for the application.

The IRD will issue Forms BIR 56A and IR 56B to employers for filing the remuneration and pensions of their employees for 1 April to 31 March of the following year. These forms are required to be submitted within 1 month from the date of issue or penalty will be imposed. We do help our client in preparing those documents and supporting with calculation the salaries, directors’ remuneration, employees' and directors’ quarter in together with the mandatory provident fund payment for both company and its employees.

The IRD will issue IR 56M or IR 623 to a company which pays commission, fees or other remuneration to persons other than its employees or to unincorporated businesses. We do help our client in preparing those forms and supporting with calculation the service fee, commission, etc in together with the supporting documents.

Some enquiries from the IRD are lengthy or may have considerable taxation implications such as concerns over different tax rules applied and tax cases adopted to support their professional ground. With our experience for years, we will provide the best advice based on your situations.

We do offer support for individual also in completing form BIR 60 (Tax Return – Individuals) with both salaries tax and property tax. Moreover, we do offer tax advisory for individual tax advisory on calculation of assessable income arising in or derived from Hong Kong from any employment, office, and pension and allowance deduction for the year of assessment.

Through our expertise, we have created a set of transfer pricing strategies to assist our client in achieving different global business objectives to improve net earnings and cash flow. We can assist in creating appropriate tax and legal structures to optimize new operating configuration to help you achieve client’s goals and align client’s tax profile with restructured value chain. Our services included:

  • optimizing overall regional and global tax rates;
  • creating a new and transformed income and cash flow stream;
  • realigning structures in a more tax advantaged way;
  • establishing potential synergies within your supply chain and operating structure;
  • providing appropriate documentation for your restructured business processes listed above.