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All-in-one Cloud Inventory Management Solution

NOVA help you to construct Unleashed which is an easy to use Cloud inventory management solution designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Unleashed integrated modules are intuitive which provide users key insights to their inventory from cost to sales performances, allowing businesses to make key decisions to scale up and expand with confidence.

Mobile, Instant, easy to use Inventory Management Solution
User friendly inventory management at the heart of your business
Unleashed is an Cloud Inventory Management Solution that could accurately record and allocate your costs at each stage of the production process, improving your forecasting abilities and allows you to make the right business decisions.
Tips to get your business ready for moving to an inventory management system
Stock Control - Why Use a Partner
Stock Control - Backordering: Split Shipments
Inventory Control - Backordering: Fulfilling Sales Order Via Purchase Order
Customising Reports
Implementation Partners NOVA Group help businesses take their inventory to the cloud
Build up your all weather online shop on mobile apps
Instant and mobile report for your insight

Get magnificent margins

With Unleashed you would be able to see the profit from every sale, including freight, imports and more.

Less admin tasks

Unleashed helps you eliminate most tedious admin tasks, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making great products.

Eliminate stockouts

Unleashed helps you track products by batch, expiry date, serial number or by lot, helping you eliminate wastage.

Organize your operations

As business expands spreadsheets will no longer be able to manage complex bills of materials, let Unleashed unleash your company's potentials!

Save time

With Unleashed you can automate your inventory processes, eliminating manual entries.

Have key insight to your stock

Unleashed gives you real time stock and inventory data, letting you and your sales team know what's in stock at every given moment.

Product performance data and insights

Unleashed is able to show you key insights to your company's performance including pruduct performance, allowing you to plan accordingly so there will never be stockouts or over-stocking.

Expand your revenue streams

With Unleashed you will be able to sell in multiple currencies, at multiple price points and you could sell across multiple channels and platforms.

Scale up quickly

Unleashed allows you to add new stock locations quickly, expanding your business doesn't mean you have to do extra admin work anymore

Take control over your production

Unleashed lets you know precisely where all your materials are in real time, allowing you to have full control over your production.

Monitor actual manufacturing costs

With Unleashed you are able to add costs to every assembly so that you can have accurate margin reports.

Increase sales

Unleashed helps increase your sales volume, by adding multiple sales channels you could increase sales with no stock discrepancies.

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Xero Small Business App of the Year 2019 - Australia
Excellence in Customer Service Delivery award 2019 - Westpac
Industry App of the Year 2017 - Xero
Xero add-on partner of the year 2012 - Xero
Excellence in International Trade award 2017 - Westpac
What Customer’s Say
Kit McAvoy - Seven Bro7hers Brewery
Unleashed tells us what our products cost, down to the individual count. Everything is tracked, giving us full visibility over the production process - making it much easier to work out our sales margins.
James Barry - Renewable Parts
Unleashed is vital to our business. The software is easy to use, and we really like working with the Unleashed team - they have that can-do attitude. There's no question that we'd recommend it to our customers. In fact, we already are.
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Can I use Unleashed if I have multiple warehouses?

Unleashed allows you to run unlimited number of warehouses. With Multi Warehouse you can easily manage your stock in more that one location.

Does Unleashed have an mobile app?

Unleashed has launched it's Unleashed Sales App to allow business owners to better manage their customers and make more sales while being able to monitor and manage stocks and products on the go. You can make sales anytime, anywhere, respond to your customer's requests, check stock levels and much more!

What is Unleashed B2B portal?

Unleashed B2B Portal is a feature with can provide your customers fast and simple access to browse your products, see stock availabilities and create orders directly, simplifying your sales process and allows customers and you trade faster.

How can I track my stock?

In Unleashed, you are able to track your stock by it's serial number, expiration date, batch number and so on.

Will there be a way for me to connect to logistics systems?

Unleashed is integrated to many different solutions on the cloud ecosystem, including logistic systems like Easy Ship.

Can I do stock forecasting with Unleashed?

With Unleashed + Inventory Planner, you will be able to do inventory forecasting based on sales and seasonality, identify overstock to sell and prioritize replenishment across multiple sales channels.

Can I include additional costs in my purchase orders?

You can add any costs to your purchase orders and Unleashed will spread them across the cost of your products. This can be done automatically or manually.

What is the difference between Stock on Hand and Allocated Stock?

Stock on Hand is the total quantity of stock you have in your business. Allocated Stock is the stock quantity that is available.

What is Bill of Material?

A bill of material is a list of the raw materials, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.


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