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Brilliantly designed to drive your F&B business both dine in and dine out

Revel is a leading cloud F&B Point of Sale (POS) system that was designed for fast transactions, stability, security and comprehensive operational management. Revel is a time-tested solution pioneering the iPad as a POS, continuing to innovate to become the best.

Why industry leaders choose Revel
Full service F&B POS system from order, table, menu to order delivery
Revel is a full service F&B POS system to help you maintain control of your menus and keep your orders streamlined. It is a one stop service specified to F&B industry to manage from kitchen, tables, staff, inventory to order taking and delivery management.
Revel Advantage - Payment Processing for Your Point of Sale
Revel Systems POS System | All-in-One POS Platform Makes Delivery Management & Customer Loyalty Easy
Revel Systems Integrates with Expensify
Revel iPad Point of Sale
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Revel Systems Table Service Demo
Robust, Comprehensive, Award Winning POS
Why Revel?

Complete Business Platform

Revel has been designed for quick transactions while focusing on security and stability and comprehensive operational management. Revel is easy to use and can help you scale up your business continuing to innovate while you are growing your business.

Start selling in a breeze

Revel is based on the iPad, allowing users to enjoy it's sleep and easy to use interface to speed up and simplify transactions. The familiar interface of the iPad allows quick and easy training for staff. Add an extra iPad to become the Customer Display System (CDS) to increase order accuracy, improve efficiency and keep the lines moving.

Make smarter decisions with real-time business insights

Revel allows you to manage one or more locations anywhere at anytime with it's central management console. You can track, review and make decisions for your assets with real-time reporting. Reduce waste and cut cost with detailed analytics on inventory, workforce and peak business hours.

Refine kitchen operations

You can equip your kitchen staff with Revel's Kitchen Display System (KDS), helping you to reduce wastage and errors. Tighten your production with on-screen division of station-specific prep tasks. Prioritize customer's orders quickly with colour-coded alerts when orders are incomplete.

Delivery Management optimize Your Operations from Door to Door

Take your business to the next level with Delivery Management fully integrated into Revel’s platform. Track and manage every order in real-time from your POS. you can also keep an eye on your drivers on a virtual map. Monitor their check in and outs, cash on hand, and plotted delivery routes.

Safe, secure and reliable platform

Enjoy peace of mind with Revel's secure platform. It's cloud solution allows you to securely access your data anywhere, anytime. Get alerts to protect your business operations for when anything from network failures to receipt paper refills needs attention.

Kitchen Management

Revel's Kitchen Management system allows your business to operate paperless, as well as make sure your back of house completes orders accurately.

Product Management & Menu Building

Revel's Product Management and Menu Building allows both the guest and you to edit your menu as you see fit.

Always On Mode

Keep your business processes running, even without active internet connection with Revel's Always On Mode. Revel's advanced architecture allows you to keep your POS running during internet breakdowns.

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Best Retail app in the Business - Tabby Awards 2013
What Customer’s Say
Joe Guith
President of Cinnabon - Cinnabon
Revel Systems creates a better experience for the guest in terms of visibility with the customer facing display, but it also helps from a team member standpoint. It’s easy for them to use and frees them up to do what’s most important, which is deliver that “wow” experience for the guest.
Corey Balzer
President - Twistee Treat
There is no system that could improve our business now and in the future like Revel can, with their constant enhancements and growth. Revel has revolutionized our brand.
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What is the maximum amount of products I can add to an order?

You can add up to a maximum of 300 line items, each line item having a maximum quantity of 999.

What are the inventory cost methods of Revel?

Revel allows you to use Average, First In First Out (FIFO) or Last In First Out (LIFO) costing to keep track of your inventory values. After conducting sales, you can view your cost of goods sold in the Product Mix report.

Can Revel help me calculate wages for Part Time staff?

Many businesses has any types of staff to fill our different roles. To accommodate the variety in personnel, Revel is able to discern between the various roles and assign specific wages to individual staff.

What is the Always On Mode?

Revel's Always On Mode allows you to continue operating your business when the power goes out or the internet slows down, with no loss of functionality and no extra costs or requirements. You can continue to accept cash or credit cards, and all data will be re-sync back on the cloud when connectivity returns.

Does Revel have a Loyalty Program?

Revel offers loyalty programs and customizable gift cards for businesses. Integrated loyalty programs gives your guests a reason to keep coming back, with personalized rewards and deep data to uncover spending patterns and purchasing histories. You can get to know your customers better by using Revel's loyalty tools and launching a program of your own.

Does Revel support Mobile Order or Self-Service Orders?

Revel helps you sell on the go and speed up order process with Mobile Order takers. Revel also supports self-service kiosks so that your guests could skip long queues and not worry about order accuracy.

Will Revel be able to alert me when stocks are running out?

Revel helps you stay ahead with Low-Stock alerts. You can set up alerts to let you know when items are running low. Generate purchase orders and automatically send them to your vendors.

I run a deli and have a fleet of delivery drivers. Can Revel help me manage my deliveries too?

Revel's Delivery Management tools allow you to accept, manage, and track delivery orders from your POS. You can track and mage every order in real-time, create delivery regions and automatically optimize delivery routes and monitor your drives with real-time analytics.

Is Revel safe?

Revel keeps your sensitive data and guest information safe and protected from potential threats with the highest level of PCI-compliant cloud technology, Point-to-Point Encrypted (P2PE_ payments and rich user access controls. You can set employee permissions to control access to the Management Console and POS. You can also secure your payments with EMC complaint payment solutions.


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