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Hubdoc extracts key information from your hard copy receipts, invoices, and bills. No more data entry, no more filing

With NOVA's implementation, Huboc can be set up with your accounting system such as Xero solution. Hubdoc would automatically pulls your statements and billing into the one secured hub. No more logging in onto multiple accounts and sites each time to gather your bills.

Automated Document Management Solution
Keep all your financial documents in one place, no more human entries, avoiding manual data entry error
Hubdoc is a Xero solution. With Hubdoc you could store all your financial documents in one place, either upload your bills and documents or simply let Hubdoc fetch them for you online. No more chasing online statements and bills as well as doing entries by yourself
Welcome to Hubdoc
Connecting Hubdoc to Xero
Emailing Documents to Hubdoc
Creating Xero Transactions from Hubdoc
Using the Hubdoc Mobile App
How to Go Paperless with Hubdoc and Fujitsu ScanSnap
Smart, Automated Document Management System
Why Hubdoc?
Hubdoc is a data capture tool allowing Xero users to easily capture their bills and receipts, extract the key information and sync to Xero, where it will be matched to the corresponding transaction in the bank feed, with the source document attached – ready for one-click reconciliation.

Capture Bills and Receipts

Hubdoc makes it easy to capture your financial documents by email, mobile, desktop or by scanner and all data are stored online in one place.

Works Automatically For You

Hubdoc extracts the key information automatically from each document so it’s ready to sync into Xero with the original document attached.

Match Transactions with Bank Feed

Hubdoc accurately syncs data from your bills and receipts to Xero as categorised transactions allowing simple matching with your bank feeds.

Verified Financial Data

All your reconciled transactions on Xero will have its source document attached so you could verify the data and know that it’s accurate and could comply with the regulations.

Automatic Sorting

Hubdoc creates folders and sorts your documents by their vendor name automatically after they have been uploaded and processed.

Auto-Pilot for Bills and Statements

No more chasing bills and statements, Hubdoc will pull all your documents for you, allowing you to view and manage the documents in one hub.

Access with your Smart Device

Hubdoc app is available on Apple iOS and Android, you can access and view your documents any where, any time with the app or on a browser.

OCR Technology

Hubdoc uses the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan and analyze your receipts and financial documents. It then exports the information into useable data and automatically syncs to your account.

No more ring files, folders and shoe boxes

With Hubdoc you no longer have to file and send your financial documents to your accountant and auditor. Simply grant them access to your Hubdoc account and they will be able to access and view all your financial documents.

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Xero App Partner of the Year Award 2016
Xero Partnership Impact Award - Xero Awards Americas 2017
What Customer’s Say
David Boyd
Hubdoc has saved us a crazy amount of time. It just works. Life without Hubdoc is not something I’d even remotely consider going back to.
Jessica Mae Stafford
Hubdoc delivers insane value when it comes to creating financial processes that bulletproof your business.
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How could Hubdoc help me go paperless?

Hubdoc is a document management system. Give Hubdoc your account provider information and it will automatically collect your bills and recurring statements, including past available bills up to a year. The Hubdoc mobile app ingests photos of physical receipts in an instant.

Does Hubdoc work on my mobile phone?

Hubdoc is available on both Apple iOS as well as on Android via App Store and Google Play.

How to make sure the data is safe on Hubdoc?

Hubdoc utilizes bank-level security to make sure your data is safe. This includes 256 bit encryption, SSL/TLS and a Premium Extended Validation certificate, plus verification from McAfee and TRUSTe, which is the trusted industry standards in data security.

How do I import paper documents onto Hubdoc?

For physical paper documents, you can simply download the Hubdoc Mobile App and take pictures of the documents and upload them onto the platform via the app. Alternatively, you may scan the document onto your computer and upload the copy to Hubdoc.

How do I record information that has not been extracted by Hubdoc?

When you upload a new document onto Hubdoc, it automatically extracts the date, amount and supplier name, due date and invoice number. If there are any other information that weren't recorded, you may manually input the data.

What levels of user roles can I set for Hubdoc?

There are three levels of access right that you could set up:

Upload only

The upload only role allows users to submit source documents, but they can't see documents uploaded by others.

Users with the upload only role can:

  • Upload documents to the business’ Hubdoc organisation.
  • Only view documents they’ve uploaded. They can’t view documents uploaded by other users or imported via automated connections.

Upload only users can also be assigned permission to publish the documents they’ve uploaded to Xero.


The standard user role allows users to upload and see all of the organisation’s documents.

Users with the standard role can:

  • Upload documents to the business’ Hubdoc organisation
  • View and download all documents
  • Manage the organisation’s settings

Standard users can be assigned additional permissions to allow them to publish documents, manage automated connections or manage other users.

Read only access can also be given, which revokes all permissions except the ability to view all of the organisation’s documents. This role is ideal for auditors or those who only need to access the organisation’s documents, but don’t need to publish any documents or set up any connections.


The accountant/bookkeeper user role is ideal for administrators, accountants, bookkeepers, and/or advisors who require full access and capabilities within the business’ Hubdoc organisation.

Users with the accountant/bookkeeper role can:

  • Upload documents and view all documents in the organisation
  • Publish documents to the business’ general ledger
  • Manage automated connections
  • Manage other users
  • Manage the organisation’s settings

The accountant/bookkeeper role can’t be customised.

How do I connect my Hubdoc account to my Xero account?

To connect your existing Hubdoc account to your Xero account, simply follow the following instructions:

  1. Log in to the Xero organisation you want to connect to Hubdoc.

  2. Click your Xero organisation name, then select Hubdoc.

  3. Agree to the Hubdoc Terms of Use, Privacy Policy & Ownership Terms, then click Set up Hubdoc.

  4. Click Already have an account?
  5. If you use the same email address for Hubdoc and Xero, click Sign in with Xero, enter your Hubdoc password, then click Sign in Securely.
If you use a different email address, enter your Hubdoc login credentials, then click Sign In Securely.

  6. (Optional) If you have access to more than one Hubdoc organisation, on the Organizations screen, click the organisation you want to connect.

  7. On the Hubdoc dashboard, click the settings icon in the top right hand corner.

  8. Select the Integrations tab, then next to Xero, click Connect. It may take a minute or two to connect.

  9. Select the Xero organisation you want to connect to, then click Allow access.

Your Hubdoc organisation is now connected to Xero.

I use Google Drive to store my financial documents. Can I connect Hubdoc to my cloud storage?

Hubdoc offers users unlimited storage for as long as their account exists. However, you may want to use other spaces to store your financial documents. Hubdoc integrates with most cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Sharefile, SmartVault and more.

How do I invite my accountant to view my account?

You can invite your accountant or bookkeeper to access your Hubdoc account. Once added, they will have full access to your documents and be able to publish them to Xero.

  1. In the Hubdoc organization’s dashboard, click the gear icon.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Click Invite a User.
  4. Enter the user’s email address, and select the user role you wish them to have (we recommend Accountant/Bookkeeper). Click Send Invite.


  • If you are a small business inviting your accountant or bookkeeper, we strongly suggest that you grant them this role. This ensures that they can link your organization to their practice in Hubdoc.
  • The Accountant/Bookkeeper user role is also ideal for administrators and/or advisors who require full access and capabilities within the business’ Hubdoc organization. This role is not customizable.
  • Users given the Accountant/Bookkeeper role will be able to:
  1. Upload documents
  2. View all documents
  3. Publish documents to the business’ general ledger
  4. Manage automated connections
  5. Manage other users
  6. Manage organization settings

If your accountant or bookkeeper already has a Hubdoc account, they will have access to your account the next time they log in to Hubdoc. If they are new to Hubdoc, an email will be sent inviting them to create a Hubdoc account. Once they have completed that process, they will have access to your account.


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