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Powerful cloud restaurant iPad POS System from Hong Kong

Eats365 is a iPad-based POS system developed in Hong Kong. Feature-packed and content-rich, it is one of the most widely-used POS system in Hong Kong.

Deliciously good Restaurant POS
Cloud based Content-rich, simple to use Restaurant POS system to help you drive your business and boost patronage
Eats365 is a cloud based restaurant POS, providing restaurants with a user interactive POS system. Patrons can search, browse, order and pay if eating in or taking away while real time information is sent to the restaurant electronically. With flexible and modular platform Eats365 can accommodate restaurants of all types and sizes.
Your Restaurant Digital Marketplace | Eats365
How To Download and Activate the Eats365 POS
Eats365 delivers a breakthrough beer-tap experience with its POS integration
《船渦》采用Eats365 POS + 自助點餐系統解決了人手問題
The Point Pizza + Pasta Benefits from Eats365 POS Data Analytics
《嘉寶漢堡》低成本引入Eats365餐飲 POS系統 成功增加餐廳營運效率
The Power of Connections
Why Eats365
A connected solution provides better efficiency from Front of House to the Back of House, as well as better data analytics to the Back-office - leading to higher customer retention.

Incubated in Hong Kong

Eats365 graduated from the incubation program from HKSTP. With great understanding with the local and region’s F&B industry, Eats365 can help drive business and boost your patronage.

Cloud Based System

Eats365 is fully on Cloud, providing restaurants real time data and avoiding data discrepancy. With it’s single source library it raises the ease of managing your restaurant.

App-based Solutions

Eats365 is a iPad-based POS system, ensuring that your system is always updated. It’s intuitive modules are simple to use.

Comprehensive Solution

Easts365 is more than just a POS system, it’s comprehensive modules provides high flexibility and next level operation efficiency.

Large Ecosystem

Eats365 has a large ecosystem and is integrated to many leading cloud solutions including Xero, Food Market Hub and more to provide restaurants and it’s patrons the best experience.

Great Compatibility

Eats365 could be connected to multiple hardware including to provide ticketing and RSVN, Customer Ordering, mobile and online apps, Kitchen Management and more.

Combos and Modifiers

Eats365 allows you to give your guests exciting options and boost your revenue. With the built in Menu Editor, you can create item options by using single and multiple modifiers. You can also create combos by liking items or entire categoreis while adjusting the selectable quantities and discounts offered.

Flexible Settings

Eats365 provides you with great flexibility when it comes to user settings with built-in security management system, multi-language support and comprehensive printer settings.

Robust CRM and Analytics

Eats365 lets you keep tract of important guest's data to improve the overall dining experience. You can see how often they visit, their seating preferences and their spending patterns. You will also have access to detailed accounting data, sales information, BI reports and other useful data.

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HKMOB Awards 2019
Retail Innovation Award 2018
Smart City Summit 2018
HK ICT Awards 2015
What Customer’s Say
Frans W. Biegstraaten
CEO - The Coffee Academïcs
The flexibility and customizability in the system, for us, was key because we wanted to do some things that many of our competitors in F&B and retail in Hong Kong don't do. Eats365 gave me the confidence that they were up to standard for what we were looking for.
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How do I use the time attendance system in Eats365?

Eats365 has a time attendance feature allowing you to manage staff attendance and clock in/clock out your staff. The clock in/out screen can be accessed on the home screen of the POS, simply have your staff enter their passcode and they will be able to clock in/out before and after shifts.

I am only running a small take away business, is Eats365 suitable for me?

Eats365 is designed to offer you maximum flexibility under one platform, whether you are a small cafe or large enterprise or simply a small kiost, Eats365's rich set of features will help you drive business and simplify your operations, boosting your patronage.

Can I create menu items with modifiers and combos?

Eats365 provides you with it's built-in Menu Editor, you can create item options by using single or muti-selectable modifiers. Create combos by linking single items and/or entire categories while adjusting the selectable quantities and discounts offered.

Can I set up different menus as per different meal periods?

You can set up lunch, dinner, happy hour and daily specials menus in Eats365. You can customize the time of day and day of week that your menus would show up. The software would automatically display the appropriate menu according to your preference on your Eats365 POS.

Can I track orders in my restaurants?

Eats365 provides order tracking function. Orders are tracked from the moment they are placed. This allows your Back of House to manage orders and improve efficiency, while your Front of House can track and view the status of the orders down to every item.

Can Eats365 help me track my inventory to prevent selling food that I've ran out?

Eats365 has inventory tracking function, you can track item availability and sales while the system will automatically delist items that are sold out.

I run a fine dining restaurant, can I set coursing sequences on Eats365?

You can easily set coursing sequence for different items ordered on Eats365. Items assigned to various courses are labeled and marked for better management.

I'm planning to open a self-service kiosk. Does Eats365 support customer self-servicing?

Eats365's Self Service Kiosk Module gives your customers the freedom to place their own orders without the need for extra staff. The will make it possible for self-servicing with it's integrated module system.

Can I still operate if my internet connection is down?

Eats365 POS offers the ability to take orders even without an active internet connection. The system will automatically upload order data once connected again.


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