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NOVA x NetSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that offers cloud-based, highly scalable solution to run all of your key back-office operations and financial business processes.
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Running a business is not easy, and with every backend procedure being so crucial, these pain points are not to be ignored.

Manual Operating Flow and Procedures

Lack of automated data
processing / sorting

Lack of visibility into
Key Business Metrics

Inefficient data analytic tools that provides insufficient insight 

Manual information exchange

Unable to scale up to meet demands

our solution


The most powerful ERP in the market, supporting you in every step and stage of your business

Founded in 1998, Oracle NetSuite is one of the first cloud companies in the world. And they have been providing visibility, control and agility to build and grow a successful businesses.

  • Built-in Flexibility
  • Commerce-Ready Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Native Business Intelligence
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NetSuite is capable of helping customers of every industry type

Food & Beverages




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what they can do

Function & Features

Take a look at the comprehensive features of this powerful ERP

easy finance with real time insight

Financial Management

Accelerate your financial management and get complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of your business
  • Billing - Transforms billing into a strategic differentiator by placing it at the core of your business
  • Revenue Recognition - Helps companies comply with accounting standards and report financial results
  • Financial Planning - Facilitates financial planning with modelling capabilities, approval workflows and reporting within one collaborative scalable solution
  • Financial Reports - Provides on-demand, real time financial reports that gives you responsive, multi-dimensional insight
streamlined order procedures

Order Management

Streamline your order processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks, and establishing a smooth flow from sales quote to order fulfilment
  • Pricing & Promotions - Centrally manage, control and update pricing and promotions to maximise profit
  • Sales Order Management - Provides unrivalled visibility into automated procedures to ensure customers satisfaction
  • Returns Management - Turn the troublesome and often frustrating procedures of return to an automated process
intelligently manage products

Production Management

Gain real-time visibilty into every step of your production process, and get your products in the market quickly, even on a global scale.
  • Product Data Management - Accelerate your product development by making development information available on a self-serve basis across the organisation.
  • Work Order Management - Easily create, release, close and complete work orders with automatic scheduling for efficient and scalable production control
  • Planning and Scheduling - Easily coordinate the materials you need for production and schedule your operations to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Quality Assurance - Make sure your product is produced the way you intended with automated quality control.
  • Manufacturing Execution System - Get real-time updates from production via barcode scanning and tablet devices.
global supply management

Supply Chain Management

Manage every line of your global supply chain in real -time within a single application with ease.
  • Supply Chain Planning - Balance your supply and demand across your supply chain to generate your optimal supply plan
  • Supply Chain Execution - Simply and effectively create, update, manage of all your purchase, transfer and work orders
  • Supply Chain Collaboration - Quick and effortless collaboration with your supply chain partners
  • Supply Chain Support - Enter, route, escalate and resolve issues easily to support your customers throughout their journey with your products
optimally manage your resources

Warehouse and Fulfilment

Streamline your warehousing operations and deliver products on-time at optimal cost
  • Inbound Logistics - Easily manage the transportation, receiving and storage of inbound inventory
  • Outbound Logistics - Ensure a smooth flow from your production line and warehouse to your customer with automated operations
  • Inventory Management - Manage your inventory with automation to reduce handling cost and optimise cashflow
  • Warehouse Management Software - Manage warehouses of all sizes and complexities efficiently with the latest industry leading practices
no more time wasted on purhcasing


Optimise your procurement process for cost certainty with workflow driven approval routings
  • Purchase Requisition - Automate the requisitioning process to provide visibility, service and cost certainty
  • Purchase Order Management - Easily manage the creation and maintenance of purchase orders throughout your supply chain
  • Procurement Approvals - Ensure compliance with company policy and department budgets with configurable workflow approvals

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Check out these videos as a reference to the various practices and real client cases for NetSuite

NetSuite for Restaurants & Hospitality

Lot Traceability for F&Bs

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Guzman Y Gomez with 140 stores globally

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Specialty Bakery

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self learning


Take a look at these data sheets and whitepapers to see NetSuite's capability in various fields

NetSuite for Beverage Businesses
Are you a coffee shop owner looking to expand your business? Or an up-and-coming organic juice stand looking to run your business smarter and smoother? Take a look at this deep dive into the world of beverage businesses and how you can utilise all the various features of NetSuite to optimise your business!
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Breaking the Ceiling
“Scalable Strategy for Transparent Franchising”
Growing as a franchise is a daunting task, and anyone with experience will tell you how important a strong backbone system is. Without one, it’s easy for businesses to reach their “ceiling”. Learn how you can maintain transparency and consistency across your whole franchise while still seeking out opportunities to grow with NetSuite.
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Restaurants and Hospitality
“Sales Industry Playbook”
Whether you are looking to up your game in running your hotel, or trying to streamline your operations in your restaurant, it is always good to take a look at people are viewing your market. Check out this playbook on how people are using NetSuite to integrate their systems and improve their competitiveness.
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Deliveroo - Orders up, Global Growth
Deliveroo is one of the most famous food delivery brand in the world, learn how they transform their business in order to keep up with their growth with NetSuite OneWorld.
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NetSuite implementation

Level up your business with NetSuite

As one of NetSuite's partners, our dedicated team of professionals aim to help you run your business smarter and smoother. As so, we can help you get into NetSuite, including understanding and making a comprehesive and tailor-made package, best suited for your business's needs.

Consultation on System Implementation and Integration
Business Data Migrations (as at the conversion date)
120-Minute Online
System Training
3-Month Offsite
Learn more about all the features in NetSuite
Supply Chain Management Setup
Tailor-made package to fit your needs
Order Management Setup
Financial Management Setup
Warehouse & Fulfillment Setup
Productions Management Setup
Procurement Setup

*Pricing is not fixed


Learn what NetSuite can do for you

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