The Coffee Academics is a purveyor and roaster of Specialty Coffee in Hong Kong since 2012. With branches in HK, Singapore, China and being featured in International media such as CNN, TimeOut, Wallpaper, Monocle, Forbes Asia and Vogue, they aims to continue its global expansion to create more unique coffee experiences for people all over the world.

Years since 1st cafe opened
Stores in Asia

Inefficient system communication and outdated information

As TCA grows rapidly both in Hong Kong & Singapore, they found it is important for different management systems to link with each other in order to manage efficient when scaling their business. Yet their current operation systems are not sync together, which cost low efficiency in business operation and gaining financial data and insights.

OUR Solution

Essential backbone to scale the business

Starting from the accounting software package to the front-line POS System, NOVA tailor-mades the solutions that are suitable for their needs. Helping the renowned Hong Kong chain cafe to increase their operation and administrative efficiency by transforming their operation system digitally.

Frans W. Biegstraaten — CEO of The Coffee Academics
Digital Transformation

Our Services

01. Consultation

Time to learn what your need, pain-point, and dream and organize of that though in order to transform these into reality

02. Project Management

Plan your work and work your plan. Continuous support and advice on unforeseen circumstances.

03. Implementation & Integration

Strive to get your system in place and customize according to accomplish our plan and let systems talk to achieve the single source of truth and automate business process

04. Training & Support

Cultivate your own garden with hardship, patience, and guidance from an experienced tutor. Provide onsite & offsite technical support to ensure the plan work smooth


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