CHAIN Technology Development (CHAIN) is an R&D based startup that provides comprehensive smart city solutions.  Their flagship products - Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP) and 4D Immersive CAVE System are suited for high demand applications such as environmental monitoring, facilities and property management, security surveillance and more.  

As a multi-award winning startup, CHAIN persists in developing innovative technologies and concepts that are not bound by rigid ways of thinking, and transform them into different real-world applications.

Construction & Technology

Getting Lost in Jumbled up Data

Relied on hardcopy documents and spreadsheets to record operating and financial data of the company

Decentralized financial data caused tedious procurement and approval procedures

Lack of up-to-date analysis to provide insights for business expansion


Making Sense of Data with Cloud Accounting and Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

  • Consolidate records to a single ledger and build a centralized database
  • Enable instant financial reporting for better budget and cashflow management
  • Streamline the company's operations and minimise human entries with the HRMS

Savings in Administrative Costs Translate Into Further Development

Business Optimization

Streamlined operations and manpower optimization through mobile, allowing the management to focus on business growth and expansion

Financial Insight

Cloud accounting solutions provides real time financial insight, allowing management to make swift decisions

Paperless Operation

Digitalised operations with both financial and HR documents and stored securely in the Cloud system

Integrated Solutions

By combining various Cloud solutions, the company sees significant improvement in administrative cost control, hence they can allocate more resources into R&D


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Digital Transformation

Our Services

01. Consultation

Time to learn what your need, pain-point, and dream and organize of that though in order to transform these into reality

02. Project Management

Plan your work and work your plan. Continuous support and advice on unforeseen circumstances.

03. Implementation & Integration

Strive to get your system in place and customize according to accomplish our plan and let systems talk to achieve the single source of truth and automate business process

04. Training & Support

Cultivate your own garden with hardship, patience, and guidance from an experienced tutor. Provide onsite & offsite technical support to ensure the plan work smooth