Affiliates and Partners

NOVA Group Limited creates a strong and tight business network which links up all our clients, partners, distributors and vendors in together in order to build up a win-win situation. Throughout our network, you will have no hesitation to extend your own business network with our full support. NOVA is always standby and ready to be your gateway to success.

NOVA is also proud to partner with a diverse range of selective sector all over the world as following:

  • Property agents / Brokers,
  • Property Owners / Developers,
  • Accounting firms and CPAs,
  • Legal firms,
  • Other professional firms and organizations

No matter what kind of business support that our clients are looking for, we aim at endeavor our best to seek for the best option for them.

Should you find interest in joining our NOVA global network, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. Our representatives will contact you shortly.